Jangla Hatir Kabita, BBanC_003_JHK, Bengali

Title : Jangla Hatir Kabita
Reference Number : BBanC_003_JHK
Digital file name(s)(.pdf) : BBanC_003_JHK.pdf
Digital file name(s) tiff : BBanC_003_JHK_001 to BBanC_003_JHK_008
Digital folder name : BBanC_003_JHK
Title in Bengali : জংলা হাতীর কবিতা
Volume and issue number : No. 7017
Extent (Pagination) : 8 pp
Volume and issue number : No. 7017
Creator(s) - Author(s) : aalaauddin KhNaa and Safar Uddin Mian (Shree Amar Cnad Aachaarya)
Subject : Hunting of an elephant written in Islamic Bengali but printed and bound in the traditional manner.
Physical Condition : Pages are in good condition
No of Leaves : 8
Price : 25 paise
Note on item : Images reflect the condition of the original.
Languages of material : Bengali
Creator(s) of digital copy : Arunava Banerjee & Aritra Chakraborti
Date(s) of the digital copy : 12.12.2012
Place where copy was made : SCTR, Jadavpur University
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
Hardware : Canon EOS 5D
Keywords : 20th Century Bangla Street Literature, Heto Boi, Bireshwar Bandyopadhyay