Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st November 1873 to 30 the April 1874, BCCI_Report_1873_1874, English

Description : The item contains the annul report of the Chamber for the said period. The topics included are : The Financial Statement for 1874-75, Purchase of Rice by Government , Labnour Districts Emigration bill, The Port Trust - Proposed transfer of the managemnet of the entire Port to the Commissioners, Additional Rule proposed by the Port Commissioners for the Protection of the Hooghly River, Proposal ot discharge and load the Peninsular and Oriental Comapany's Steamers at the Port Commissioner's Jetties, Proposed transfer of Government Jetties and Cranes at Balooghfit to the Port Commissioners, Jute Warehouses, Revision of the Customs' Tariff, Proposed reduction of holidays at the Annual Doorga Puja Festival, The Chamber's Tonnage Schedule, as regards measurement of Jute, Cotton etc.; Trade with Yarkand, Proposed extension of the telegraph to Bassien and thence to Diamond Island, Unsatisfactory working of the Telegraph Line between Calcutta and Rangoon, Telegraph Rules respecting the accepting of Messages composed of Compound Words, Code Messages under the International Telegraph Convention regulations, Government estimate of the Cotton Crop of the North Western Provinces for 1873-74, Madras and Andaman Gums, Raw Silk from British Burmah, Cotton grown in the Dehra Doon, Cotton grown at the Nicobars, New Members of the Chamber, Members retired from the Chamber, Funds of the Chamber. The Appendix includes : Funds of the Chamber, Commercial returns of 1873, Revised tonnage schedule for the Port of Calcutta, Schedule of Commission Charges, Members of the Chamber, Rules and Regulations of the Chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st November 1873 to 30 the April 1874
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1873_1874
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Volume and issue number : 1873-1874 report
Date(s) : 1st November 1873 to 30 the April 1874
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Volume and issue number : 1873-1874 report
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Creator(s) - Author(s) : BCCI Committee headed by B.D Colvin, President
Publisher : Cones & Co.'s Press
Place of Publication : No 19, Loll Bazar
Subject : Half-yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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