Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st May 1886 to 30th April, 1887, BCCI_Report_1886_1887, English

Description : The report contains the proceedings of the Annual Meeting held on 25th May, 1887. It contains reports on the Jubilee of the Queen-Empress of India, the Jubilee Memorial; address to Sir A. Rivers Thompson KCSI; the High Court; the Small Cause Court; colonial judgements Extension Bill; Electric Lighting Bill; the Debtors' Bill; Native Passenger Ships Act; the Chittagong Port Trust; amendment of Code of Criminal Procedure; Amendment of the Indian Companies Act; the incorrect stamping of piece goods; working of the port; the petroleum depot at Budge-Budge; the constitution of the Port Trust; Port Commissioners' proceedings; Howrah Bridge tolls; opening of the Howrah Bridge; foul bills of Health; use of 'Undaunted' as a tug; the limits of the port; new rule of business; hospital port dues; the time ball; Orissa port dues; increased telegraphic facilities on the River Hooghly; the Conference Bill of Lading; Holidays and holiday fees; wheat; refraction of wheat; the debit and credit system of demurrage; railway receipts as Bills of Lading; railway returns; agricultural statistics; forecast of the jute crop; agricultural assistants for Mauritius; certificates of origin for British goods exported to Spain; fires on Board cotton ships; the Pilgrim Agency; the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition; Tibet; the Ramesvaram Canal; the Basses and Minikoi lights; the silk industry; sabai grass; divi-divi; woollen manifactures in the Punjab monograph of Mr. D.C. Johnstone; jute manufactures in the Alipore Jail; the silver question; Congress of Chambers of Commerce; the Finance Commission; the Enhancement of fees on jute pressing companies in the suburbs; reduction of stamp duty on fire insurance; Bengal-Nagpore Railway; the Public Service Commission; the Commercial Representative in the India Council; employment of the services of diplomatic and consular officers for the promotion of British trade; the Jute Measurement Scheme; members withdrawn; new members; funds of the chamber; accounts of the chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st May 1886 to 30th April, 1887
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1886_1887
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Volume and issue number : 1886-1887 report
Date(s) : 1st May 1886 to 30th April, 1887
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Volume and issue number : 1886-1887 report
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Publisher : Calcutta Central Press Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication : 5, Council House Street
Subject : Half-yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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