Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st February 1888 to 31st January, 1889, BCCI_Report_1888_1889, English

Description : The report contains the proceedings of the Annual General Meeting, and reports on the following: the amendment of the Indian Sea Customs Law; abstract proceedings of the Legislative Council of November, 1876; the Bill to Amend Sea Customs Act, 1878, and the Indian Tariff Act, 1882; the Indian Merchandise Marks Act; standard of length; standard of weight; patterns and designs protection Act; Indian Factories Act; Rule under Act VI of 1884; Rules under Act X of 1887; pilgrims; Small cause Court; working of the port; working of the Customs department; moorings; movements of cargo boats within the Port; working of the port of Chittagong; harbour masters; relations of pilots to ship owners and agents; pilotage committee; removal of the office of the health officer of the port to Garden Reach; gun practice at Fultah; rate of discharge for kerosine ships; re-surveys of vessels; vessels sailing under a general pass; subordinate Orissa ports; salt; working of the port of Genoa; salt weighments; statistics; quarantine; railways; experimental accelerated train to Bombay; new agricultural implements; holidays and holiday fees.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries from 1st February 1888 to 31st January, 1889
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1888_1889
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Volume and issue number : 1888-1889 report
Date(s) : 1st February 1888 to 31st January 1889
Extent (Pagination) : i-xv, 1-497, Appendices: i-cxcviii
Volume and issue number : 1888-1889 report
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Medium of original material : Paper, printed in black and white
Creator(s) - Author(s) : BCCI Committee headed by C.H. Moore, Vice-president
Publisher : Calcutta Central Press Co. Ltd.
Place of Publication : 5, Council House Street
Subject : Half-yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
Physical Condition : There is loss of text near the gutter due to hard binding. There is presence of foxing. There are signs of chemical reaction and ink impressions in some pages.
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Note on item : The report contains a few oversized pages. BCCI_Report_1888_1889_004 and BCCI_Report_1888_1889_268 contain handwritten notes. BCCI_Report_1888_1889_005 to BCCI_Report_1888_1889_009 display torn pages.
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