Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries 1890 -1891, BCCI_Report_1890_1891, English

Description : The report contains proceedings of the annual ordinary General Meeting and the Committee Report of 1st February 1890 to 31st January 1891. Reports are divided into 3 parts: Part I contains discussions on the members and committees of the Chamber; Mercantile Associations; Sub-Committee Reports; Rules and Regulations of the Chamber. Part II contains documents and correspondences on Legislative Acts of the Governor-General of India in Council; Legislative Acts of the Lieutant-Governor of Bengal in Council; Legislative English Acts; Shama Churn Sen's Case; Carrier's Act; References; registration of partnerships; Small Cause Court; Working of the Port rules, seamen's working hours, petroleum boat traffic, running pilots, amended form of Bill of Health, transhipment of overcarried cargo, river channels, Kidderpore docks, port offices, night work at Diamond Harbour; Chittagong; False Point and Pooree; Marine survery of small Steam Vessels, certifficates of service, exchange for payment of seamen's wages; Indian Ports Act; Merchant Shipping Act; Amendment Act X of 1841; Amendment Act X of 1889; Ammendment Acts VI and VII of 1884; measurement of passenger spave in inland vessels; fire brigade; boiler inspection; boiler pressure of steam vessels; trade marks; Indian Merchandise Marks Act; Indian Factories Act; Imperial Institute; inland emigration; Passenger Ships Act Commission; misscallenous trade of rice; Indian Trading Companies; wool trade in Baluchistan; silk; oranges and figs; tobacco; grain elevators; Indian steatite; cobaltiferous matt; cash balances; uniform system of weights and measures; income tax; the silver question; telegraphs - charges between India and Europe, cheapening of Indian telegrams; Railways - coal, accelerated mail service, local trains, extra charge at Chitpore, railway receipts aas Bills of Lading, coal rates of East Indian Railway; native languages; holidays; lekin at cotton; cotton factory at Canton;commercial convention with Egypt; consular invoices to United States of America; English plate duties. Part III contains the Appendices.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries 1890 -1891
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Volume and issue number : 1890-1891 report
Date(s) : 1890 to 1891
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Volume and issue number : 1890-1891 report
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Subject : Half-yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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