Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1894 to 31st January 1895, with Appendices, BCCI_Report_1894_1895_Part_1, English

Description : The report consists of proceedings of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting and reports from the Committee Report of 1st February 1894 to 31st January 1895, which include matters pertaining to: the Port Trust, Municipal Corporation, Licensed Measurers' Department, Indigo Trade Department, Piece-Goods Sub-Committee, Sub-Committee on Shipping, Resgitsration of Partnerships; Reports of Legislative Measures include matters pertaining to: Presidency Small Cause Courts Act; Land Aquisition Act; Bengal Municipal Act; Tariff Act; Indian Ports' Act; Carriage of dry Gun-Cotton; Marine Courts; Prevention of Accidents on Coal-laden Vessels, Allowances to Pilots, the Port Commission, Clearing Goods at the Jetties; Municipal reports include those involving: the pollution of the river Hooghly, drainage of local areas, Tramways, Railways, Coal Staiths, Feeder Lines, Through-booking, Telegraphs, Finance; Miscellaneous reports include those pertaining to Proprietary right in quality marks of Piece-goods, Free for Transhipment, System of deposits against Customs, Supply of Customs Officers, Colonial Emigration Rules; Membership reports include those concerning members withdrawn and members elected; Reports involving Members and Committees of the Chamber include members of the chamber, honorary members of the chamber, committee of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Mercantile Representative on His Excellency the Viceroy's Council, Indigo Trade Department Committee, Royal Exchange Committee, Piece-Goods Sub-Committee, Sub-Committee on Railways, Sub-Committee on References; Reports involving Mercantile Associations include matters pertaining to the Indian Tea Association Committee, the Indian Tea Fund Committee, the Darjeeling and Dooars Sub-Committee, the Calcutta Tea Traders' Association Committee, the Indian Jute Manufacturer's Association Committee, the Calcutta Hydraulic Press Association Committee, the Calcutta Import Trade Association Committee; Reports and Sub-Committee Reports include those of the Piece-Goods Sub-Committee, Sub-Committee on References, Shipping Sub-Committee, Railway Sub-Committee, Licensed Measurer's Department; Rules and Regulations of the Chamber include the Memorandum of Association of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Articles of Association of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Piece-Goods Arbitrations Rules, Piece-Goods Arbitrations Procedure, General Arbitration Rules.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1894 to 31st January 1895, with Appendices
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1894_1895_Part_1
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Volume and issue number : 1894-1895 report, Volume I
Date(s) : 1st February 1894 to 31st January 1895
Extent (Pagination) : 1-236,Appendix: i-iv, 1-354
Volume and issue number : 1894-1895 report, Volume I
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Subject : Yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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