Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1896 to 31st January 1897, with Appendices, BCCI_Report_1896_1897_Vol_1, English

Description : The report contains proceedings of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting and the Committee Report of 1st February, 1896 to the 31st January, 1897, which includes reports involving the Legislative Council of India, Bengal Legislative Council, Port Commissioners, Municipal Corporation, Licensed Measurer's Department, Indigo Trade Department, Royal Exchange Committee, Piece-Goods Sub-Committee, General Arbitrations and the Third Congress of Chambers of Commerce of the Empire. Matters pertaining to Law and Legislation include reports involving the Court of Small Causes, the Act to amend the Indian Ports Act, Amendment of the Indian Registation Act, 1877, and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, Segregation of pauper lepers, Negotiable Instruments Act, Bill to amend the Indian Contract Act, 1872, the Indian Merchant Shipping Bill, Currency Reserve, Working of the Indian Factories Act, Law relating to arbitration. Reports involving the Marine sector includes the Overside delivery of cargo in the London Docks, the Dock and Jetty question. Customs reports include those on the duty on Ceylon tea seed, working of the tariff, and the testing of yarns. Municipal reports include those pertaining to Government buildings and lands within Municipal limits, Garden Reach Road, and the condition of the tramway lines. Reports pertaining to Telegraphs consist of the reduction of telegraph rates on Indian messages. Reports pertaining to railways include railway rates, the competition between Bombay and Calcutta, railway extension, the Assam-Bengal Railway, the opening of the Assam-Bengal Railway to Buddarpur, the Bengal-Nagpore Railway, the proposed steam tramway between Chakardarpore and Ranchi, and Proposed Railways to connect the coal fields of Bengal in Midnapore, and the Dacca-Mymensingh Railway. Miscellaneous reports include matters involving the Jute Mills at Chandernagore, the Boiler Commission report, the Forecast of the Jute crop, and the Inspection of Mines in India. Reports involving the Presidents, Members and Committees of the Chamber include the list of Presidents, 1853 to 1897, the members of the chamber, the Committee of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, the Mercantile representative on His Excellency the Viceroy's Council. Reports involving the Mercantile Associations include those of the Indian Tea Association Committee, the Darjeeling and Dooars Sub-Committee, the Calcutta Tea Traders' Association Committee, the Indian Jute Manufacturers Association Committee, the Calcutta Fire Insurance Agents, Association Committee. Rules and Regulations of the Chamber include Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Piece-goods Arbitration Rules, Piece Goods Arbitrations Procedure. The Appendices include those of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, the Calcutta Port Trust, Exchange, Precious Metals, the Trade of Bengal, the Trade of India, the Trade of India, tabular history for 20 years (Exports).
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1896 to 31st January 1897, with Appendices
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Volume and issue number : 1896-1897, Volume I
Date(s) : 1st February 1896 to 31st January 1897
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Volume and issue number : 1896-1897, Volume I
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