Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1897 to 31st January 1898, with Appendices., BCCI_Report_1897_1898_Vol_1, English

Description : The report contains proceedings of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting and the Committee Report of 1st February, 1897 to the 31st January, 1898, which includes the agendas of the annual general meeting of the Chamber along with its annual reports. The topics include : proceedings of the annual general meeting. The report includes : reference to the year 1897 for the various calamities involved with it, honouring of knighthood to Mr. Playfair, reports regarding Bengal legislative council, Legislative council of India, Port commissioners, municipal corporation, boiler commission, British royal commission, Imperial institute, induction of new honorary members, representation of members in London Chamber, The Philadelphia Museum, Economic room at the Indian Museum, diamond jubilee celebration, extra holidays, the earthquake, matters related to license, indigo trade, royal exchange, peice goods etc. The Law and Legislation section consists of : court of small causes, salaries of judges, disposition of goods, the Carrier Act, Bengal Tenancy Act, Bengal Salt Act, Ports Act, Sanitation in the mines, right to appeal in the civil suit, animal pests and contagious diseases, arbitration laws, Petroleum act, Post Ofiice law and stamp law, Indian Penal Code, crime procedure code, religious issues, Chotanagpur issue. The marine section deals with : unloading of salt, report on Hooghly river, red sea issue, delays in working of steamers at Colombo, survey of inland steam vessels, marine insurance bill, problems related to dock and jetty, supply of filtered water to shipping. The Customs section discusses the following topics : Testing of yarns, levy of import duty on mineral oil, alteration in the mode of marking dyed yarn, rules of steamers loading coal, expedition of the delivery of imports. The Municipal section consists of : reports on the buliding commission. The Telegraph section deals with the initiation of telegraphic communication with the Andaman Islands. The Railways section addressess issues like Mail service to Bombay, departure of mail, East Bengal State Railway, issues relaed to Eastern railway, coal supply through railways, the currency question. Miscellaneous section consists of issues like : The Plague, Presidency General Hospital, Developement of Assam, Central Recruiting Agency, Mill and riverine municipalities, detailed account of business, jute production, trade in Bengal coal at Karachi, Coinage of Kashmir and Bhopal, list of names of the office bearers of the Chamber and other mercantile, reports of the sub-committees, rules and regulations of the Chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1897 to 31st January 1898, with Appendices.
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