Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1898 to 31st January 1899, with Appendices., BCCI_Report_1898_1899_Vol_1, English

Description : The document consists of the proceedings annual ordinary general meeting and annual report of the Chamber, pertaining to the time period of the document. The items present in the part dedicated to annual meeting include : List of members present, notice calling the meeting, proposed american tonnage schedule, the President's and other members' address to the meeting, resolutions taken up by the committee, remarks about the reconstruction of the committe and the electoral process, vote of thanks to the chair etc. The report present in the document deals with the following issues which conforms to the said period foccusees on : reference to war, famine, corps, the plague, the currency question, administrative rituals, changes in the committee, assistant secretaryship, legislative council of India, Bengal legislative council, representation of the chamber on the port trust, issues dealing with the municipal corporation, economic gallery at the Indian Museum, the Philadelphia Commericial Museum, Bombay Chamber of Commerce, holidays, Licensed measurers' department, Indigo trade department, royal exchange, American tonnage schedule, introduction of new associations like the Jute fabric shipper's association, general and peice-goods arbitrations. In the Law and Legislation section we find topics as : stamp law bill, law related to insolvency, trusts for religious purposes, arbitration laws, court of smaal causes, inland steam vessels act, chota nagpur issue, Calcutta Port Act, Indian Marine Act, law relating to the forgery of currency and bank notes, amendment of Indian Evidence act, carrier laws. The Customs section deals with : Disposal of fines, changes int he collectorate, import duty on kerosene oil, testing of yarn, levy on the duty of mineral oil, marking of dyed yarn. The Marine section deals with issues related to jetys and docks, coal , cargo boats. the municipal section contains : Plague, tramways, steets, the municipal act etc. the railways section deals with new proposed railway lines and stations across eatern India, proposed mission to China, the currency problem. The miscellaneous section deals with issues pertaining to sugar, explosives, income tax, mills, emmigration, canalisation of the Bhil region, and details of different committees and sub-committees related to the Chamber and its operations. The apendices attached to the document gives a tabular report on the trade organised in India, and other important issue such as, proceedings of Calcutta Port Trust etc.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Part. 1, from 1st February 1898 to 31st January 1899, with Appendices.
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Volume and issue number : 1898-1899, Volume 1
Date(s) : 1st February 1898 to 31st January 1899
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Subject : Yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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