Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 1, from 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900, with Appendices., BCCI_Report_1899_1900_Vol_1, English

Description : The report consists of proceedings of the Annual Ordinary General Meeting and reports from the Committee Report of 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900, which include matters pertaining to several fields. The Annual Meeting section contains the proceedings of the General Annual Meeting held for the period 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900. The Annual report section discuss the following issues : The Committee report discusses collaboration with other institutions, prospects of trade in India, Plague, recurrence of famine, municipal bill, Indian currency committee, Indian Indian coinage and Paper Currency Act, Presidency Banks Act, Amalgamamtion of Presidency Banks, Proposal of enlargement of the committee, leave of the secretary, assistant secretaryship, legislative council of India, Bengal Legislative Council, Representation of the Chamber in the Port Trust, Municipal Corporation, Boiler Corporation, representation of mercantile interests upon the Indian museum, Nomination of a member on the Board of Governors of the Shambhoonath Pundit Hospital, Death of Mr. Ambrose P.Ralli, American Tonnage Schedule, Revision of the Arbitration Rules of the Chamber, list of arbitrators of miscellaneous goods, representatives of the Fourth Congress of the Chamber, Economic Gallery of the Chamber, Representation of the Tea Industry at the Paris Exhibition, Index file of leading American Firms, Licensed measurers' department, The royal Exchange, Peice Good Arbitrations, General Arbitrations. The Law and Legislation section consists of the following topics : Status of the Judges of the High Court, Indian Stamp Act, Issues regaridng Branch Registers, Bill for protection of certain telegraphic messages, amendment of Port trust Act, Bill to amend of Transfer of Property Act, Registration of British Ships in British India, prohibition of general sale of white arsenic and other poisons, regulation and inspection of mines, amendment of Inland Emigration Act, The Customs Section contains a detailed list of the Exports and Imports. the Marine sections deals with the following issues: survey and licensing of cargo boats, issues related to Kidderpore dockyard, bills of lading, The Municipal section cosists of the following issues: The Tramways Section, The Plague, Amendment of the Calcutta Municipal Consolidation Act, The telegraph section deals with the reduction of Indo-European telegram,The Railways section delas with : construction of permanent bridges, coal traffic, renewal of agreements, communication of Bengal and North-Western provinces, Assam-Bengal State railway, Bengal-Nagpur railway. The Miscellaneous section delas with the following items: Management of Treasury balances, measurement of Jute, inland post, native partnership registration, lights at the red sea, smoke in Calcutta and Suburb, scarcity of Labour, examination of locally made yarn, supply of timber form the forest department, jute conracts, carriage for Kerosene Oil, prospects of the coal trade, explosives, commericial education, sunday labour in Jute Mills, detailed account of the Chamber, List of Personnels in the Chamber, List of Mercantile Associations, Details of Reports of the Chamber, details of Rules and regulations of Chamber, Exchange and precious metals, Trade of Bengal, Report of Trade on India, Report on the Trade of India for twenty years (1879-80 to 1898-99.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 1, from 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900, with Appendices.
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Volume and issue number : 1899-1900,Volume 1
Date(s) : 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900
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Volume and issue number : 1899-1900,Volume 1
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