Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, from 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900, with Appendices., BCCI_Report_1899_1900_Vol_2, English

Description : The Volume 2 of the issue contains Documents and Correspondence pertaining to the period 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900. Matters related to Law and Legislation deals with : Status of the Judges at the High Court, India Stamp Act, Bill for authorisation of the Comapanies, Protection of certain telegraphic messages, further amendment of India Ports Act, Transfer of Property Act, Bill for the registration of ships, regulation of possession and procuremnt of poisons, regulation and inspection of mines, amendment of Inland Emigration Act, amendment of Presidency bank Act, registration of Native Partnerships, amendment of Calcutta Municipal Consolidation Act, Customs Traffic Circulars. The Marine Section contains following issues addressed : Survey and licensing of Cargo boats, accomodations at Kidderpore dock, ante-dated bills of matting, american tonnage schedule, allowance of space for laskar seamen, improvement of Hooghly river, lighting of the Red sea, landing and shipping of explosives at Madras. The Municipal section contains the following subjects : The Plague, Lighting of the town of Calcutta, the smoke issue in Calcutta and Suburban. Reduction of tarrifs for Indo-European. The Railways section contains the following items: building of permanent bridge and Central Station, Coal traffic on the Jerrriah track in the eastern railway, agreemnets of the eastern railway, railway extensions, congestion of traffic at Howrah, Assam-Bengal state railway, other issues related to East-India railway, The Miscellaneous section contains the following issue : management of treasury issues, issues related to jute goods, limit of weight patterns for postal goods, scarcity of labours in the jute mills, collector of customs, economic gallery at Indian Museum, official examination of yarns, supply of materials to railways, jute contracts and Charter parties, carriage of kerosene oil vessels, future prospects of Coal trade, feeder magazines for explosives, Sunday labour at Jute mills, the Peice-Goods trade, domicile of merchants doing trade in India, local purchase of government store, inoculation of imigrants, preparation of Ballam rice trade, business relation of firms in India, Crop forecasts, memorial fom licensed manufactures of dasta and rum, the Philadelphia Museum, Card Index of American Firms, mode of election of committee of the Chambers, sisal hemp, system of measurement of Bales at Bombay, taxing of Commericial travellers, trade in Fuller's Earth, list of holidays etc.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, from 1st February 1899 to 31st January 1900, with Appendices.
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