Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, for the year 1902, with appendices., BCCI_Report_1902_Vol_II, English

Description : The item contains documents and correspondences of the Chamber for the year 1902. The document consists of : Celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Chamber and the arranged dinner. Proposed international exhibition at St. Louis, U.S.A. The Inroductory paragraphs consists of the following issues : Indian Institute of Science, Conference of Colonial Premiers in London, proposed Bureau of Commercial Intelligence, The Standard Oil Company of New York. The Law and Legislation section contains the following topics : Australian legislation, The Sugar Bounties question, issues causing delays in High Court, amendmnet of Indian Emigration Act, 1883. ; Burma Chief Court, Stamp Duty on Letters of Hypothecation, delays in disposal of cases in the Police Court, Indian Electricity Bill, Consolidation and amendment of Laws related to Civil Judicature, Double Record System for evidences, registration of mortgages, unified postal and revenue stamps, section 39 of the Presidency Small Cause Court Case Act, 1882, further amendment Indian Ports Act. The Customs section deals with : Russo-Persian tarrif, Chinese Import tarrif, British Import duty on Tea, wastage allowance on salt, imposition of compulsory cess on Indian tea, enquiry into procedure of the Calcutta Custom House, clearance of Imports, Importation of German Salt into Rangoon, Customs Tariff Circulars. The Marine section includes : pilferage of Cargoes in transit, calculation of contents, lights in the Red Sea, administration of the Port Trust, improvement of the Light at False Point condition of Tolly's Nullah, carrige of Kerosene oil in native passenger ships, fraudulent sinking of country boats containing tea, accommodation for trade at the docks and jetties, Bucknall Steamship Lines, Report of the Aden Port Commission, Daily weather report of Bengal, condition of the Hooghly river, question of Lay-days, claims of sea water damage, allowances to pilots carried off to sea under protest, improvemnt of Harbour Masters' department. The Municipal section contains: Improvement of the City, The grievances of carters, The Municipal Corporation. The Telegraphs section enlists: telegraphic communication with the Andamans, official telegraph code vocabulary, censorship of telegrams at Aden, Imperial Cable Communications, reduction in charges of inland telegrams. The financial section includes : bombay municipal corporation temporary loans, proposed abolition of the Calcutta Mint, Interest on Government Securities. The Railways section addresses the following issues : supply of wagons, headway of proposed railway bridges over the Matabhanga, Jelinghi, Towcock rivers and Dibrugarh district; provision of branch feeder lines in India by private enterprise, transfer of of operation of the Jorehaut State Railway, railway extension of Bishnupur Line and bridge, rates on the Darjeeling-Himalayan railway, reduction in freight on Indigo in chests. The Miscellaneous section includes : charging of English Income Tax on profits which have already paid income tax in India, sundays in relation to mercantile contracts, licenses related to possession and transport of petroleum, trade in Indian tea with Tibet and Chines Turkestan, metric system of weights and measures, reduction of fees levied for the inspection of steam boilers, trade with Russia, Indian Jute Mills Association contract, improvement of water-ways in Assam, Cachar and Sylhet, Accomodation for witnesses in the High Court, improvement of Indian Cotton, issues related to Indian Jute, royalty on Sabai grass, Alipore Reformatory School, Proposal to introduce Commercial Classes into the Victoria School, Kurseong, list of Holidays.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, for the year 1902, with appendices.
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