Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, for the year 1904, with appendices., BCCI_Report_1904_Vol_II, English

Description : The item contains documents and correspondences of the Chamber for the period 1904. The General section includes : Commercial mission to Russia, proposed annexe to the royal exchange building, tribunal of arbitration. The Law and Legislation section enlists : The High Court of Judicature, Registration of Partnership, Registration of Fees, Stamp Duty on Letters of Hypothecation, Bill to provide for the better protection of Government Stores, registration of country boats in Assam, Cachar and Sylhet, rules regulating the possession and transport of petroleum, registration of British ships in British India, proposed game protection act, draft rules under the poisons act of 1904, Calcutta small cause court, stamp duty on fir insurance policies, bill to amend the local self-governmnet act, 1885; stamps on share transfer, administration of religious endowmnets in India, bill to Indian Stamp Act, 1899. The Customs section includes : proposed imperial customs service, amendment of sea customs act, sugar duties, british import duty on tea, proposed increase in duty on silk goods imported into France, customs duty on ground sulphur, classifiaction of Java Sugar for Customs duty, revision of the import tarrif duty, customs tarrif circulars. The Marine section includes : The Hooghly Pilot Service, the status of Eurasians as Seamen, bengal daily weather report, shipment of tea to Hongkong, regulation of carriage of pilgrims to the Hedjaz, bills of health, The Luff point scheme, compromising of thefts committed on the river, protection of trade in country boats, proposed canal through the island of Rameswaram, payment of gratuities to pilots, carrige of petroleum by sea in passenger vessels. The Municipal section includes : obstruction totraffic in burra bazar. The Telegraph section includes : reduction of telegraph rates between India and Aden, publication of Code Addresses, Books of bound telegraph forms, proposed revision of Reuter's commercial telgram service, type writing of telegrams, telegraphic communication with the Andamans. The Financial section includes : maintanence of an adequate supply of Silver coinage, the paper currency reserve, currecy notes, treatment of light coin, proposed bronze coinage, proposed nickel coinage.The Railways sectio includes : Tirhoot State railway, supply of rolling stock, headway of bridges, working of traffic at Khulna, lower ganges bridge project. The Miscellaneous section enlists : proposed territorial changes in Bengal, metric system of weights and measures, industrial education, short reeling of yarns, imrovemnt of water ways in Bengal, American Consular Invoices, trade betweeen India and Afganistan, Indian Survey Commission, insurance statistics, treatment of civil debtors in jail, proposed standard time for India, government trade and navigation returns, commercial education.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vol. 2, for the year 1904, with appendices.
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