Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1905, Vol.2., BCCI_Report_1905_Vol_II, English

Description : The item contains documents and correspondences of the Chamber for the year 1905. The General section includes : Army Administration, The Partition of Bengal, Presidency General Hospital. The Law and Legislation section deals with : Indian Paper Curremcy bill, Joint Stock Companies balance sheets, Petroleum Rules, Registration of Partnerships, Chief Judgeship Of Burma Chief Court, Bill to amend Court Fess Act, 1870; Bill to amend Bengal Tenancy Act, The Alluvion Bill, Indian Coinage Bill, Stamp Duty on Letters of Hypothecation, Indian Merchandise MArks Act, Indian Arbitration Act, 1899; Bill to amend Indian Factories act, 1881; Bill to amend Court of Wards Act, 1879; Stamps of hare Transfer; Registration of British Ships in British India; Bill to amend Calcutta Port Act, Bengal Smoke Nuisance Bill, 1904; Stamp Duty on Labour Contract. The Customs Section include : Wastage allowance on Salt, Customs duties, tarrif valuation on cotton, sugar. The Marine section comprises of the following issues : marine insurance policy rates, inland navigation, scale of provisions for Arab and other native seamen, dock shipments, treatment of Lascars, Status of Eurasians as seamen, plague regualations at Penang and Singapore, native Passenger Ships' Act, 1887; pris International Sanitary Conference, 1903; issues related to Pilot Service. The Municipal Section deals with : Tolly's Nullah, widening of the Kalighat bridge, extermination of rats in connection with Plague, The Office of coroner of Calcutta, Calcutta Improvemnet Scheme. the Telegrpahs section includes : metereological weather warnings by menas of wireless telegraphy, reuter's service of commercial telegrams. The Financial section includes : treatment of light coin, inland money orders. The railway section deals with : The railway board, proposed railway bridge over the Bhagirathi river at Azimgunj, railway rates for jute. The Miscellaneous section deals with : Convention with Japan, Presidency General Hospital, the Labour question, proposed river police for Bengal, French import tarrif on Silk goods, working of telephone service, proposed standard time, the gopashtami festival, jute forecasts, commercial education, list of estabishments, members, committees and reports.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1905, Vol.2.
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1905_Vol_II
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Volume and issue number : 1905, Vol.2
Date(s) : 1905
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Volume and issue number : 1905, Vol.2
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Subject : Yearly financial report of the BCC&I, Economics, Finance, Colonial history, Calcutta under the British
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