Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1908, Vol.1., BCCI_Report_1908_Vol_I, English

Description : The item consists of the details of annual general meeting and the annual report of the Chamber for the year 1908. The Annual Meeting section includes: Proceedings of the annual general meeting, resolutions taken etc. The Report consist of the following items : Report of the Committee for the year 1908, working Committee during the year 1908, representation in various bodies, the disaster in Hyderabad and other chamber proceedings. The Law and Legislation section includes : The English Life Assurance Companies Act, The English Companies Act, The Presidency towns insolvency bill, registration of british ship in British India, registration of british ships in India, the Indian Arbitration Act, Indian Patents and design bill, bill for the protection and preservation of games, Inland Stamp act, registration of partnerships, the public charities account bill, Indian Port Bill, The Salt Duty, Bengal Vaccination Act, The Court of Wards Act. The Law and Legislation section includes : The Jury List, propsed separation of Judicial and Executive duties, proposed establishmnet of city civil court in Rangoon, The Calcutta High Court. The Customs Section includes : Customs duty on Cotton rope, working hours of the office, list of cotton peice good. The Marine section deals with : Calcutta Port rules, food stuff unfit for human consumption, loading of Cargo in inland steam vessels, certificates of competency for officers, carriage of passengers in inland steam vessels, Inland steram vessels act, The Indian Merchant shipping act, registry of British ships, wireless telegraph service between Calcutta and Sand heads. The Municipal section includes : road repairs in Calcutta, paving of the Strand road, traffic in New China Bazar. The Postal and Telegraph section includes : proposed value of parcels, maximum limit of wieght for inland parcels, Calcutta General Post Office, proposed abolition of sea post offices, the telegraph department, mutilated telegrams, deposit system of accounts. The Financial section includes : proposed half anna nickel coin, loan issues, the Narsingpur treasury, the Paper currency reserve. the Railwyas section deals with : State Vs Company managemnet of Indian railways, Indian Railway Finance Committee, The Lower Ganges Bridge, The Eastern Bengal State Railway, Supply of Railway wagons. the Miscellaneous section includes : The Political situation in India, Indian Factory Labour Commission, The Fiscal Question, State Technical Scholarships, The Sanitary Services in India, Septic Tank Installation, proposed river police force, Bengal fisheries, proposed daily price list of hessian cloth, propose dgeneral produce association, trade with Russia, The boiler commission, commercial exhibitions, the Labour Question. The Accounts and Finances section include: Reports and sub committee reports, rules and regulations etc.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1908, Vol.1.
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Volume and issue number : 1908, Vol. 1
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Volume and issue number : 1908, Vol. 1
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