Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1914, Vol. 1., BCCI_Report_1914_Vol_I, English

Description : The item contains proceedings of the annual general meeting and annual report of the Chamber for the year 1914. The Annual Meeting section deals with : Proceedings of the annual general meeting for the year 1914, list of members present, resolutions taken, working of the committee during the year 1914, representation of the Chamber in various institutions, the royal exchange, the licensed measurer's department, tribunal of arbitration, the new royal exchange. The European War section deals with : effect of the war on Indian trade, british and neutral cargos in enemy steamships, impressment of vessels byy the government of India, war risk insurance, the safety of trade routes, trade with enemy countries, restirction of telegraph facilities, publication of war news, relief of distress in Eastern Bengal, the Indian Soldier's fund. The Law and Legislation section includes : The Council of India, The Indian Carrier's Act, the Indian Electricity Act, the Indian Petroleum act, the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, The Poisons Act, proposed legislation against usury, the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, the Merchant Shipping Act, the Inland Steam vessels Act. The Post and Telegraph section includes : Receipts of telegram, ther telegraph gazette, calcutta General Post Office, the Indian Post Office Act. The Railways section includes : The Rohilkhand and Kumaon railway, Eastern Bengal State railway, the Dacca -Mymensingha railway, the New route to Ceylon, Calcutta Chord railways. the Finance section includes : the royal Commission on Indian Finance and Currency, The Indian Stamp Act, Government Currency Notes, the Presidency Banks Act. The Municipal section deals with : Calcutta Improvement act, the roads in Calcutta, police arrangements in burra bazar, proposed cab shelter in Royal Exchange Place, cost of Electric Current in calcutta, Street noises. The Miscellaneous section deals with : Strikes and breakdowns in jute mills, Indian Jute Mill's Association, the trade in jute manufactured goods in South Africa, weights and measures, proposed half marking of gold and silver pletes, the trade in goat skin, Manufacture of cement in Punjab. The Accounts and Finace section deals with the list of personnels of the Chamber, reports of the committees and sub-committees, rules and regulations, tribunal of arbitration of the Chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1914, Vol. 1.
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1914_Vol_I
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Volume and issue number : 1914, Vol 1
Date(s) : 1914
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Volume and issue number : 1914, Vol 1
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