Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1916, Vol. 1. , BCCI_Report_1916_Vol_I, English

Description : The item contians the report of the annual general meeting of the Chamber and the annual report for the year 1916. The issues present in the item are : Proccedings of Annual general meeting for the year 1916, list of members present, resolutions taken, representation of the Chamber in various administrative bodies, the Royal Exchange, tribunal of arbitration, the Licensed measurers Department, the New Royal Department, The Calcutta School Of Tropical Medicine. The European War : Control of enemy subjects and eney enterprises, custodian of enemy property, export trade in jute and jute goods, jute for the dundee mill, jute for Spain, the hide trade, trade restrictions, shortage of imported materials, german dye-stuffs, the scarcity of of tonnage, the Indian voluntary and Indian Expeditionary forces. The Law and Legislation section deals with : The Government of India Act, bill to amend the Transfer of property act, theIndian Carriers Act, the Indian Explosives act, the Indian Petroluem act, the English Bills of Exchange, the Income Tax Amendment Act, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. The Customs section deals with : the Indian Tariff act, the Indian Merchandise Marks Act, Calcutta Customs House, trademarks and numbers. the Marine section deals with : The Indian Ports Act, codes for storm warning signals, working of the Port, the Inland steamvessels act, the waterways question, weighment of coal at Karachi, forward shipping orders, the measurement of Jute, Calcutta Liners Conference. the Railways section deals with : management of railways, traffic congestion, issues related to eatern bengal railways, railway rates for minerals. The Finace section deals with : the Indian Securities Act, the Presidency banks Act, the exchange question. The Municipal section deals with : the Law of distress, cost of electric current, conditions of roads in Calcutta, the tanning industry. Miscellaneous section deals with : The INdian Industrial Commission, Weights and Measures, proposed hall-marking of gold and siver, Indian trade with Russia, Indian trade with France, the Jute trade with Australia, the London Jute Industry contract, the Silk Industry, the Jute trade, sugarcane forecast, indigo crop forecasts, sea-borne trade. Other sections are related to accounts and finances of the Chamber which incudes : list of members, committees and sub-committees, reports of committees and sub-committees, rules and regulations of the Chamber, tribunal of arbitration of the Chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1916, Vol. 1.
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Note on item : There are numerous instances of erroneous citation of the year; while the report pertains to 1916, it mentions 1917 in several places. The report contains a few oversized pages.
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