Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1917, Vol 1. , BCCI_Report_1917_Vol_I, English

Description : The item contains proceedings of the annual general meeting and the annual report of the Chamber for the year 1918. The following issues are presented in the docuements : Proceedings of the annual general meeting - Speeches given, Members present, resolutions taken, representation of the Chamber in various administrative bodies, The Royal Exchange, Tribunal of Arbitration, Licensed Measurers Department, Membership of the Chamber, Visit to India of the Right Hon'ble the Secretary of State for India. The European War section deals with : The future trade policy of India, the treatment of enemy firms and individuals, the treatment of enemy or alien shipping, the treatment of enemy or alien imports and exports, questions related to Patent and Merchandise Marks Act, Impressment of Steamers, Impressment of Motor Cars, the Indian Defence force Act, Mercantile employees on active service. The Law and Legislation section deals with : The Indian Income tax, bill to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898; The Usurious loans bill, The Freight tax Act, the Indian Carriers Act, the Indian Explosives Act, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, VIII of 1914, the Indian Registration Act, XVI of 1908; proposed registration of business names, the Workman's Breach of Contract Act, XIII of 1859; the Bengal Juvenile Smoking bill, 1917; the Indian Negotiable Instruments Act, XXVI of 1881. The Customs section deals with : the Indian Tariff Act, 1894 and its various issues; official statistical publications, Calcutta Customs House, The Indian Sea Customs Act, VIII of 2878- its various issues; revision of list of cotton peice goods. The Marine section deals with : working of the Port, Indian Ports Act, XV of 1908; Calcutta Liners Conference- Claims for slight damage to peice goods, Sunday workings of steamers, Calcutta tonnage schedule, loss of goods in transit from mill to steamer, the Grand Trunk Canal Project, the Pubna - Kushtia Steamer Service, the Nadia Rivers. the Railways section deals with : The Indian railways Act, IX of 1890; East India Railway - Howrah Station, Carriage of Goods between India and Ceylon, the aquisition of the of coal lands by Indian Railways, Coal traffic in East India and Begal-Nagpur railways. The Municipal section deals with : Calcutta Corporation- Improvement of Barrabazar area, Calcutta Municipal Act, 1890; Howrah General hospital, the telephone service, Calcutta Municipal bill. The Finance section comprises of : The position of exchange, one rupee currency notes, forms and designs of Indian Currency Notes, Chamber ruling no. 60.The Miscellaneous section deals with : The Indian industrial Commission, the Adulaterationof Indian policies, the London Hemp Association contract for East Indian Hemp, Crope forecast, prohibition on on importation of rice from Burma into Calcutta, the supply of fish in Bengal, his majesty's trade commisioner service, the excise system in India, Sate technical scholarship, emigratio to british guiana, Trinidad, Jamaica and Fiji. The Accounts and Finance section of the item deals with committees and sub committee reports, list of members, presidents etc.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1917, Vol 1.
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