Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1918, Vol. 2. , BCCI_Report_1918_Vol_II, English

Description : The item contains documents and correspondences related to the annual report of the Chamber for the year 1918. The General section of the item contains : Membership of the Candidate, Foreign members. The European War section deals with : the impressment of vessels ordinance, 1914; control of shipping intelligence, the submarine menace : compensation for Indian seamen, course of instructions; shortage of imported materials- canvas fire-hose, the trade policy of India after the war - position of neutrals, enemy subjects interned of India, director of civil supplies, distribution of peice goods, the military service act, 1918; the Indian Defence forces Act, 1917; the Question of European man-power, the work of the Young Men's Christian association, The Indian Constitutional reforms. The Law and Legislation section includes : the Indian Income tax act,VII of 1918, the Super Tax Act, VIII of 1917, proposed excess Profits Duty, act to control the withdrawal of capital fromthe money Market, the Indian Stamp Act, II of 1899 - sale of foreign bill stamps, stamp duty on cash credit agreements, proposed registration of business names, the Indian Carriers Act, III of 1865; The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, VIII of 1918, the Industrial Compulsion bill, 1918; the Indian Compulsion bill, 1918; the Indian Negotiable Instruments Act, XXVI; the Provincial inslovency Act, Indian Explosive rules, 1914; the Bengal prevention of adulteration bill, 1918; the Imperial and Provincial legislative councils, the Poilice service. The Customs section deals with : the Indian Sea Customs Act of 1878, the Indian Merchandise Marks Act, the Indian tariff Act,1894, issues related to Calcutta Custom House. The Marine section deals with : the Inland Ports Act XV of 1908, working of the port - Bengal Pilot Service, Hospital Port Dues, Night Navigation on the Hooghly river, Outward bills of Lading, marine insurance on Vessels other than the lines, Indian Waterways, The Post and Telegraph section deals with : Post Office Holidays, the Homeward Mail Service, the indian telegraph gazette, porposed value payable post between India and UK. The Railways section enlists : The management of India Railways, railway receipts, railway risk notes, east India railway - enhancement of rate for jute and jute goods, howrah station, eastern bengal railway. The Municipal section deals with : Calcutta Municipal Act, section 367; The Calcutta Municpal bill, Condition of roads in Calcutta, mendicancy in Calcutta. Miscellaneous section includes : His Majesty's Trade Commissioners, the Indian Industrial Commission, the Bengal Smoke Nuisance Committee, The Anglo-Indian Community, the Survey of India Department, the British Engineering Standards Committee, the Excise system in India, Official statistics, hook-worm disease, the supply of Quinine, thew water-power resources of India etc.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1918, Vol. 2.
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1918_Vol_II
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Volume and issue number : 1918, Vol. 2
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Volume and issue number : 1918, Vol. 2
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