Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1921, Vol 2. , BCCI_Report_1921_Vol_II, English

Description : The item contains documents and correspondences of the Chamber for the year 1921. The general Section includes : Provincial Finance. The Law and Legislation section includes : The Indian Carriers Act, 1865; The Transfer of Property Act, 1882; The Provident Funds Act, 1897; The Criminal Procedure Code, The Indian Stamp Act, 1897; The Indian Petroleum Act, 1899 : The Petroleum Rules; The Indian Tea Cess Act, 1903; The Indian Limitation Act, 1908; The Indian Factories Act, 1908; The Indian Factories Act, 1911; The Indian Companies Act, 1913 : section 93 and 277; The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914 : Heavy Motor Car; The Freight Tax Act, 1917; The Income Tax Act, 1918; Indian Emigration, Proposed creation of an Indian Bar, proposed establishment of an Ultimate court of Appeal in India, The Munitions Case, the Bengal town Planning Bill, 1920; The Bengal Children Bill, 1921; The Calcutta Police, Calcutta High Court : delays in disposal of suits, the special jury list; proposed separation fo Judicial and Executive functions, The Administrator-General and Official trustee of Bengal, The New Legislatures : Election expenses of Candidates. The Customs section deals with : The Indian Sea Customs Act, 1878 : Section 30, 31, 32; The Indian Merchandise Marks Act : Stamping of dimensions on shawls, The Import Tariff; The Export duty on Jute goods, the export duty on hides and skins, the Indian Tariff Act, 1894; Calssification of Jute Goods, Issues related to Calcutta Customs House, Indian Fiscal Commission 1921-22. The Marine Section includes : Working of the Port : The Bengal Pilot Service, The Howrah bridge, the discharge and loading of the steamers, Lighterage charges, International Labour Conference, Genoa, 1920; recruitment of Indian Seamen, Imperial Shipping Committee, bills of Lading. The Railways section deals with : The Railway committee, 1920-21; the supply of transport facilities, risk notes, serial loading, railway rates, the railway police in India. The Posts and Telegraphs section deals with : The English Mail Service, value payable post between India and Mesopotamia, Cable Communications, The Indian Wireless telegraphy. The Finance section deals with : The Financial Statement, 1921-22; The Exchange Situation, The Indian Stamp Act, 1899. The Industrial section deals with : The International Labour Conference, provision of compesation for injured workmen, legislation for the registration and protection of trade unions, The Coal Feilds Committee, Committee on Industrial unrest, Calcutta Technical School. The Municipal Section deals with : The Calcutta Fire Brigade, The Calcutta Improvement Trust, The Licensing and Control of Taxi-cabs, thefts from bullock carts, traffic in Clive Street, The Belighata and Eastern canal, the telephone Service. Miscellaneous section includes : The Purchase of stores for Public Service, The Indian Jails Committee, proposed hall-marking of Silver and Gold plates in India, The Weather reports, The Rice Control, The Indian cotton Committee, The World cotton Conference, Commonwealth of Australia : War precaution act, British Chambers of Commerce in Foreign Countries, British Empire Exhibition in London, 1923; date of termination of the war, ex-enemy subjects in India, foreign Sea borne and navigation accounts of British India.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1921, Vol 2.
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Volume and issue number : 1921, Vol. 2
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Volume and issue number : 1921, Vol. 2
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