Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1923, Vol. 2. , BCCI_Report_1923_Vol_II, English

Description : The document enlists the following items : The Unemployment Committee, Bengal; The London Chamber of Commerce : East India Section, The Japanese disasters. The Law and legislation section deals with : The Interest Act, 1859; The Workmen's Breach of Contract Act, 1850; the Indian Succession ill, the ndian Petroleum Act, 1899; the Indian Mines Act, 1923; the Indian Tea Cess Act, the Indian Limitation Act, the indian Registration Act, the Indian Companies Act, 1913; heavy motor cars in Calcutta, the Indian Explosives Rules, 1914; the Indian Emigration rules, 1923; British Empire patents, League of Nations : Arbitration draft convention, representation of Commerce in the legislative assembly, the Indian Income tax Act : related issues, the Bengal Ternancy Act, the Bengal Ropeways Act, Calcutta Improvemnt Bill, the Bengal Tea Gardens Public health Bill, the Indian bar Committee, Calcutta University, the administration of Justice, Calcutta Court of Small Causes. The Customs section deals with : Calcutta Customs house : daily report of import and exports, annual revision of import and export tariff, The Cotton duties Act of 1896, revision of the list of cotton peice goods, league of nations : international customs conference, the fiscal question, prohibition of importation of foreign goods marked with the royal arm. The Marine section deals with : The Indian Merchant Shipping Act, The Indian Wireless Telegraphy rules, The Indian Ports Act, the prevention fo deffered rebates bill, the Indian Mercantile Mrine Committee, recruitment of Indian Sea men, employment of Indian sea men in North Pacific, the howrah bridge, The International Sanitary Convention, 1912. The Posts and Telegraphs section includes : The homeward mails, Cble communications, Inland telegrams. The Railways section deals with issues related to the eastern railway and eastern bengal railway. The Finance section deals with : proposed discontinuation of of one rupee note, The Indian Stamp Act of 1899. The Municpal Section deals with : The Calcutta Rent bill, 1923, the telephone service, calcutta electric supply corporation limited, the belliaghata and eastern canal. The Industrial section deals with : The Indian Factories Act, Fifth International Labour conference, the cotton Industry. The Miscellaneous section includes : Calcutta Customs house, crop forecasts, proposed Pasteur Institute Of Calcutta, Calcutta Daily Weather Report, police reports, Storm warning station at Namkhana, the Barakar Bridge.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1923, Vol. 2.
Reference Number : BCCI_Report_1923_Vol_II
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Volume and issue number : 1923, Vol. 2
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Volume and issue number : 1923, Vol. 2
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