Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1920, Vol. 1., BCCI_Report_1920_Vol_I, English

Description : The item contains the proceedings of the annual general meeting as well as the annual report of the chamber for the year 1920. The items included are : Members present, president's specch, resolutions taken, election of committee, representation of the Chamber in various organisations, The Royal Exchange, The Licensed Measurers Department of the Chamber, The Chamber Tribunal of Arbitration, Chamber Survey.represenation of the chamber in various bodies, the Indian Constitution reforms, The Auxiliary force, India; International Chamber of Commerce of England, the late Sir Wlliam Ironside, Ca;cutta Ex-Offcers Association, The Midnapur relief fund. The Law ad Legislation section deals with : The Indian Carrier's Act, 1865; The Indian Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881; The Indian Stamp Act, 1899 : Insurance Policies; The Indian Petroleum Act, The Indian Tea Cess Act, The Indian limitation Act, The Indian Elctricity Rules, The Indan Companies Act,1913 : Varius issues; The Indan Explosives Rules, 1914; The Indigo Cess Act, 1918; The Cinematograph Act, 1919; The Indian Securities Act, 1920; The Indian Paper Currency Act, 1920; The Indian Election Offences And Enquiries Act, prposed legislation to control the sale of fertiliser, Hooliganism in Burra bazzar, issues related to the Calcutta High Court, The Indian Tariff Act, 1894; The Indian Merchandise Marks Manual, Export duties on Hides and Skins. The Marine Section deals with : Working of the Port : Various issues, rate of exchange for payment of Ocean freight and claims, The Indian Ports Act, 1908; The Indian Ports Act, 1908 : Various issues. The Port of Chittagong, The Imperial Shipping Committee, The International Labour Conference - Genoa, The Passage Questions, Indian Seamen, Memorial to Indian Seamen who lost their lives in the war, Outward bills of Lading, fumigation of jute cargos for the Argentine, Inland Steam Vessels Act, 1917; Nadia Rivers, The Eastern Bengal River Police, The Grand trunk canal. The Railways section includes : Various issues related to Indian railways, the railway committee, railways developement in northern bengal. The Posts and Telegraphs section includes : The English Mail, delivery in Calcutta of the English Mail, rate of exchange on Sterling Money Orders, The V.P.P system between Great Britain and India, The Postal Committee, The Telegraph Administration, rates of foreign cables, the telegraph Administration, The Indian Wireless Telegraphy. The Finance section deals with : The Exchange & Currency Question, The International Financial Conference- Brussels. The Industrial section includes : International Labour Conference, Legalisation through English Industrial Courts Act, The Indian Jail Committee, Issues related to the Corporation of Calcutta, the Calcutta communication committee, traffic control in calcutta controls, the Indian Motor vehicles Act, Calcutta Inmprovemnt Act, the Presidency General Hospital, Mendicancy in Calcutta, The Kidderpore Bridge, The Baliaghata and Eastern Canals. The Miscellaneous section includes : Civil Aviation, The Daily Weather report, the sea-borne trade and navigation returns, prices of loose jute in Calcutta, the trade in Cotton Peice goods, the decimal system, the metric equivalent of the ton, the rice control, the embargo on the importation of flour, the Indian Cotton Committee, Ex-enemy business, proposed universal language. other sections included are : Accounts and Finance, reports and sub committee reports, tribuanl of arbitration for the Chamber.
Title : Report of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries for the year 1920, Vol. 1.
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Volume and issue number : 1920, Vol. 1
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