Kavita, DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS, Bengali

Description : This volume contains poems, essays
Title : Kavita
Reference Number : DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS
Digital file name(s)(.pdf) : DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS.pdf
Digital file name(s) tiff : DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS_001 to DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS_037
Digital file name(s) jpeg : DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS_001 to DBS_KAV_VOL_V_BPS_037
Volume and issue number : Vol_V_BPS : (Bishesh Puja-Sankha/sl no. 19) Kartik 1346
Date(s) : Kartik 1346
Extent (Pagination) : Pages 2 to 64 are paginated. The first page is not numbered. Pages 8 and 9 are missing.
Volume and issue number : Vol_V_BPS : (Bishesh Puja-Sankha/sl no. 19) Kartik 1346
Medium of copies : Photographed digital images [24 bit, 400 dpi, uncompressed, colour, Tiff]
Medium of original material : Paper
Creator(s) - Author(s) : Buddhadeb Basu, Samar Sen
Publisher : Rangmashal Press. Sri Kanailal Gupta ( printer ). Buddhadeva Bose( publisher )
Place of Publication : 61 Dharmatala Street. ( printer ). Kavita Bhavan 202 Rashbehari Avenue (Publishing house)
Subject : Literature
Physical Condition : The pages are moth-eaten amd yellowed.
No of Leaves : 31
Dimensions (LxBxW)[in centimeters] With cover : 23.5 x 17.5 x 0.5
Dimensions (LxBxW)[in centimeters] Without cover : 23.5 x 17.5 x 0.5
Note on item : Pgs 8 and 9 are missing. The poems on these pages are : Nihsaran by Jibananda Das ( pg 8 ), the ;last part of Hemanta by Jibananda Das ( first part of it is on pg 7 ), Sandhya by Kamakhkhiprasad Chattopadhay ( pg 9 ). The last part of Dandhya is on pg 10. Both front and back covers are missing, as is the table of contents for the year. The book has been bound and covered with white paper. Hanwritten labels are present on both the cover and the spine. There are marks in pens and pencil on multiple pages. Some pages are askew because of the tight binding.
Languages of material : Bengali
Scripts of material : Bengali
Contributor(s) - Owners of the original material : Damayanti Basu Singh
Creator(s) of digital copy : Shreya, Smita, Smita
Catalogued by : Shouvik, Shreya, Smita
Date(s) of the digital copy : 11.8.2016
Place where copy was made : School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University
Present storage location : Residence of Damayanti Basu Singh
Software : Canon EOS Utility, Adobe Lightroom 5.7
Hardware : Canon EOS 60D
Keywords : Bengali literary journal, Kavita, Buddhadeva Bose, Samar Sen