1. The Search program is optimized for English Only. The basic search gives results related to Year of Publication, Volume/ Issue, Title and Creator / Author. For detailed results, please use the Advanced Search option.
  2. It is not mandatory to fill all the search fields.
  3. For better results, Bengali words must be typed in roman script using proper input parameters. This feature is available only for the SRTT Database, at present. Standardization of keywords is still in progress, therefore search queries may not show accurate results always.
  4. Please note that diacritic symbols have not been used in Bengali words in Roman script.
  5. The SRTT database has a number of collections. Clicking on any of the collection will open up a list under that particular collection. Further click on any of the entries within the list will lead to corresponding metadata and PDF file.
  6. All PDF files in Roman Script are searchable.  CTRL+F may be used to find words in Roman Script. 
  7. Please use the latest version of PDF Reader to open the downloaded PDF files.
  8. The PDF files consist of low resolution black and white images. To access high resolution images please contact the School of Cultural Records at
  9. All physical material and digital surrogates are available for on-site consultation at the office of the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University. However, access to certain collections depends upon requisite permission from the relevant authorities.