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Sl. No. : 1
Level : Item
Reference number : PTC_MS_TSK_MMD
Digital file name(s) (PDF) : PTC_MS_TSK_MMD
Digital file name (.TIFF) : PTC_MS_TSK_MMD_001 to PTC_MS_TSK_MMD_086
Digital file name (.JPEG) : PTC_MS_TSK_MMD_001 to PTC_MS_TSK_MMD_086
Title : The manuscript of Tilottama Sambhava Kavhya by Michael Madhu Shudhan Dutt
Ancillary Title ( if any ) : Presented by the author to Maharaja Bahadur Sir Joteendra Mohan Tagore K.C.S.I. 21st May 1860
Description : The item is a manuscript of Tilottama Sambhava Kavhya by Michael Madhu Shudhan Dutt. It also contains, on two separate sheets of paper a note about the author written by Joteendra Mohan Tagore which deals with the introduction of blank verse into Bengali poetry. It also states the reason for the inclusion of the manuscript in Sir Tagore's private library. The text begins with an introductory piece by the author, which is signed by him.
Date(s) : CE : 21st May 1860. Written between 1857 to 1859 ( as mentioned in the manuscript ).
Extent (Pagination) : The poem is divided into four cantos . Each canto begins from page number 1. Canto 1 : Pages 1 to 20. Canto 2 : Pages 1 to 20. Canto 3 : Pages 1 to 27. Canto 4 : Pages 1 to 22. There are unpaginated pages before the first canto, after the last canto and in between cantos. Some of these pages are blank, while others contain writing. Each fifth line is numbered. In the third canto, page number 19 appears after page number 14. According to the line numbers, the poem does not break in continuity. It can be assumed that page 15 has been mistakenly numbered as 19.
Medium of copies : Photographed digital images [24 bit, 400 dpi, uncompressed, colour, Tiff]
Medium of original material : Paper
Creator(s) - Editor(s) : Michael Madhu Shudhan Dutt
Subject : Poetry, Literature
Earlier History : The item was presented by the author to Maharaja Bahadur Sir Joteendra Mohan Tagore
Physical condition : The pages of the book are damaged, possibly due to exposure to moist conditions. Multiple pages are torn down the middle. Pages are moth eaten. Reverse impression is visible. The note is yellowing, quite brittle, discoloured, moth-eaten and damaged. Fold marks, foxing marks are visible. The writing is faded in numerous places. It has been stitched along the top.
No. of leaves : Book : 78. Note : 2
Dimensions (LxBxW) [in centimetres] With cover : 21.8 x 16.3 x 1.6
Dimensions (LxBxW) [in centimetres] Without cover : Book : 20.9 x 15.5 x 0.8; Note : 34.2 x 20.4 x 0.1
Note on item : Some basic conservation has been done to the item. Some pages are blank. It is possible that some pages are missing or have been cut. There is some writing in Nastaliq. The item contains a seal of Joteendra Mohan Tagore's private library on the inside of the front cover.The note is written entirely in pencil. There is writing in both pen and pencil in the text of the poem. There is a logo of sorts on one of the pages. There is a page of Nastaliq writing which is preceded by the words "Extracts from the odes of Hafiz". This is situated on the reverse of the page on which there is writing that presents the book to Joteendra Mohan Tagore.
Languages of material : Bengali and Persian
Scripts of material : Bangla and Nastaliq
Contributor(s) - Owner(s) of the original material : Sir Joteendra Mohan Tagore, Pramantha Mohan Tagore
Creator(s) of digital copy : Aki, Amritesh, Smita
Catalogued by : Shreya, Smita
Date(s) of the digital copy [dd.mm.yyyy] : 19.08.2016
Place where copy was made : School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University
Present storage location : Residence of Pramantha Tagore
Hardware : Canon EOS 60D
Software : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 7
Keywords : Blank verse, Tilottama Sambhava Kavhya, Michael Madhu Shudhan Dutt, Maharaja Bahadur Sir Joteendra Mohan Tagore, K.C.S.I. Amitrakshar Chanda