Bengali Short Title Catalogue 2 (STC 2)

STC-2 (1868-1914)

STC-2/ Short Title Catalogue (STC) of Early Bengali Books of the Catalogue Era (1868-1914)

This is a continuation of the earlier work on the STC of early Bengali books published after the Press and Registration Act of 1867.

This project is supervised by Dr. Abhijit Gupta, Professor of English, Jadavpur University. The project is supported by the 'University with Potential for Excellence-Phase II' scheme of the University Grants Commission, India.

Along with providing full bibliographical descriptions and title-page transcriptions, the bibliography is also a location register of Bengali holdings in the following libraries (the library abbreviations are indicated in the parentheses):

  • Asiatic Society Library, Kolkata (CAas)
  • BangiyaSahityaParisha, Kolkata (CAbsp)
  • British Library, London (LObl)
  • India Office Collections, British Library, London (LOio)
  • Joykrishna Public Library, Uttarapara (UTjkpl)
  • National Council of Education, Kolkata (CAnce)
  • National Library, Kolkata (CAnl)
  • School of Oriental and African Studies, London (LOsoas)
  • University Library, Cambridge (CAMul)
  • William Carey Historical Library, Serampore (SEwchl)

List of all books under STC-2 (1868-1914): EARLY BENGALI BOOKS

Detailed listing of STC-2 (1868-1914):