Tilottoma Sambhaba Kabya

A project to digitise and encode in XML-TEI the manuscript of Michael Madhusudan Dutta’s Tilottoma Sambhaba Kabya, carried out by the students of the 2016-17 batch of the Post-Graduate Diploma course in ‘Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics’ offered by the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

This poem is important as it is the first poem in Bengali to be written in blank verse.

The manuscript transcribed over here is from the collection of Michael Madhusuan Dutta’s patron, Joteendra Mohan Tagore. The manuscript was lent to the School of Cultural Texts and Records by Pramantha Mohun Tagore, a descendant of Joteendra Mohan Tagore and also a student in the ‘Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics’ course.

This is a student project. We shall be grateful if you review and comment on this project. You can contact us at sctrdhci@gmail.com

The HTML display is auto-generated from the XML-TEI encoding using the tool available at http://www.tei-c.org/oxgarage

To see the original XML-TEI tags, please click on the 'Download Encoded XML file' button.

The "Table of contents" markers such as "1." and "1.1." are also auto-generated by this tool and can be ignored as they do not correspond to any actual such divisions in the manuscript. They give a rough idea about the different units in the manuscript and should be used always in conjunction with the manuscript images to form a better understanding of the unit divisions in the manuscript.

The "[Page]" markers in the HTML display are auto-generated by the software and in cases where more than one "[Page]" markers are found successively without any other text in between, it designates multiple page breaks or blank or empty pages.

Clicking on the "[Page]" hyperlink will take the user to the particular page in the manuscript where the corresponding text is located. Note that all "[Page]" markers are not hyperlinks. In cases, where a page-image has both a page on the left (verso) and one on the right (recto), only the left page has a "[Page]" hyperlink before it. The right (recto) page has a "[Page]" marker but it is not a hyperlink.

In the 'View manuscript images and HTML transcription' section, if the transcription is scrolled down by the user, the image will automatically change accordingly. 



Course Co-ordination, Post-Graduate Diploma course in ‘Digital Humanities and Cultural Informatics’

  • Amlan Das Gupta

Planning and co-ordination

  • Purbasha Auddy


  • Dibyajyoti Ghosh

Supervising Bengali transcription

  • Swagata Roy
  • Aparupa Ghosh

Transcription and Encoding

  • Biswadeep Chakraborty
  • Debapriya Bhattacharya
  • Kinshuk Das
  • Madhuparna Karmakar
  • Monideepa Chatterjee
  • Pramantha Mohun Tagore
  • Rituparna Das
  • Sanam Nasrin
  • Shrutakirti Dutta
  • Sourav Chatterjee
  • Sudipto Mitra
  • Syamantakshobhan Basu

Manuscript photography and metadata creation

  • Amritesh Biswas
  • Kawshik Ananda Kirtania
  • Shreya Bose
  • Smita Khator